Monday, 31 January 2011

Long Run Done….
A weekend of Runs….
I was explaining to someone over a glass of wine…I hope I wasn’t boring them….Hmmm
Running the London marathon is a brilliant day out…it is fantastic…it is a bloody long way, and a huge effort in energy…but the effort and mental strength you need to train to run said marathon, is enormous….I have had to start running 1 singular loops rather than, multiple laps, to stop me thinking of coming in early!
Everyone helps at home. Whether it’s Feralyn left at home while I'm running, when the children are crabby after a long day at school, or trying to get them and herself ready when I'm off in the early mornings.
The children help, Elliot will sit on the children (quite literally) if I need to do a quick run. Imogen knows roughly how long I’ll be and she will run a bath, and bring me tea…which is nice! And the little ones will come and laugh at me. They can’t wait till I start my ice baths….next week…. Joy!

So what im saying is..its worth sponsoring me just for the training, let alone the day itself...and it is a great charity..details below

So this weekend I did 8 miles on Friday evening, Saturday off, and 14 miles on Sunday Morning, I had eaten well, slept well and not drunk much… I actually felt ok.
This week I have 5 runs, including a couple of hill trainings, and a speed, a mid distance and yep a long run…..14-16miles..ish.

Sponsorships have started off well, well worth a look if you fancy winning some prizes.

New Prizes are listed below....

The charity for which I am running this year is a local cause.
The Pepenbury Community is a residential and day care services for adults with learning disabilities. This includes a community of 70 people on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, in the unspoiled countryside of the Weald at Pembury as well as serving others in the West Kent area.
I run here all the time, its beautiful!

The actual project I will be supporting or focusing on will be updating the coffee shop/seating area and garden centre/nursery area, so the residents who run and work there can better interact with the general public, and gain confidence with the outside world as such, then hopefully give them the interpersonal qualities needed to be self-sufficient living in the community.

As I hammered a lot of people last year for sponsorship, I have decided to raise monies slightly differently, and have a prize draw for sponsors, £5 will get a ticket and the predictable £26.20 sponsor will get 6 tickets!
I have the following prizes which have been kindly donated; there are also more to add.
I will draw the winners on April 17th in the evening, following the run…so please dig deep and be lucky!

1. Dinner At Thackerys Tunbridge Wells (Beautiful)
2. Overnight stay At Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells
3. Dinner at Rendezvous French Brassiere
4. Cosmetic Hamper from Fenwick Tunbridge Wells
5. Indian Meal or Takeaway at The Spice Tunbridge Wells for 2
6. Family Ticket to Hever Castle and Grounds for a Year!
7. Dolphin Parking sensor kit Brand New worth over £100.00

8.£600.00 of home decorations (you choose) donated by Gisela Graham

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