Friday, 1 April 2011


So as instructed, Ive been told to stretch and stretch and stretch again, which has helped no end.I have also been given permission to go out on a substantial run, which I duly did. Crept out early before work yesterday and did a standard 10k loop. I ran very aware of what I might feel, almost imagining a feeling of some sort. Got to about 4 miles and realised I wasn't imagining it, there was defiantly some tightness, but nothing like it was, it stayed at that same level. When I was going through with Kirsty (Sports Therapist) my issues, she asked me on a level 1-10, 10 being terrible, what level was the pain? before I would have said 4-5, yesterday I hit 1-2. Its becoming physiological I'm sure! Today I am going to attempt a 2 hr cross train session and a small run on the treadmill, in prep for a 12-18 miler at the weekend. In other News.

  • Imogen is off to Italy tomorrow skiing.

  • The patio doors are in at home.

  • Felix and Ottilie are doing very at school following the open evening last night

  • Feralyn has been to school today making a crown with tissue paper

  • Elliot is going on an Inca Trail in Peru this weekend.

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