Monday, 11 April 2011

Race Week!

I am feeling mixed emotions, I love this weather, but I want it to cool down rapidly for 1 day next week!
This is the week I have mostly been looking forward to, after 16 weeks of training, albeit on and off, fundraising on 2 levels, it comes to a head this weekend.
I have achieved my target for Pepenbury, over £1000 and still going! So a massive thank you to all of you who have so very generously donated, I will think of all of you as I plod around the course on Sunday.
Your money will make a huge difference to the project!
This weekend I did 2 runs, a little 4 miles on Saturday morning, and then an 11 miler on Sunday. Again I went out early at 6.15 and I can’t believe that I am even saying this…I sound like such a Dad! It is the best time of the day, no doubt, birds are making an incredible racquet, light but Sun not up, with a beautiful red glow from the high cloud, and god is it peaceful! Absolute joy! Then the sun rise and it is glorious, makes me want to stop and take it all in……can’t stop….must run……
The run was fine, I mean my tendon, a little spasm type thing every now and then, but the exercises are working fine!
So this week, diet is key, and I need to drink water…lots of water, breakfast all week will be high fibre museli, lunch, fish based pasta dishes, dinner-something else but you get my drift….
So I can comfortably do 11 miles, double that is going to be tough , then add another 4 or so miles that is crunch time!

I will post up a few more writings this week, so do come back and have a look!

If you would like to sponsor me you have until 2pm on Sunday to be in the Draw….

See you soon….gotta run!


  1. We'll be there to cheer you on this Sunday. Keep up the good work!

    Love from
    Vanessa, Martin and Ollie xxx

  2. can't be there this year but will be thinking of you lol dad x