Monday, 28 February 2011

Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

The Tunbridge Wells half marathon this weekend, 2200 entrants, and what a difference a year makes!
Last year howling a gale, and pouring with rain versus sunny and blue skies this year.
I had been pinning a lot on this run, when I did this last year I had never run this distance before.. So I should be well ahead of the game.
A had a few targets.

1. Beat last year 1hr.51 mins
2. Run 1hr.4?mins
3. Maybe 1hr.3?mins

I actually ran 1hr 45 mins. So I am happy with that.
For a change I decided to run with music.,. Which quite frankly did my head in! I nearly had a white out. I had to turn it off and slow right down for a while!
Once I had composed myself I felt fine and finished strong. I came 708th! Get in!
I have a lot of running to do this month. Five long runs to go every weekend of over 20 miles each run. And in the week, I will be running 4-5 times, whether that’s mornings or evenings…the light helps now!
I'm going to try and write a little more on the blog, so keep em peeled!
Thank you to my sponsors who have donated prizes for my sponsors to win…
Let me explain. You donate £5.00 to my charity Pepenbury, (click the link on the right) you get a ticket to win one of the prizes below
You donate £10.00 you get 2 tickets and so on
You donate 26.20 (marathon miles) you get a bonus ticket = 6 tickets….etc
Prize List kindly donated by each business
1. Dinner At Thackerys Tunbridge Wells including wine (Beautiful)
2. Overnight stay At Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells
3. Dinner or lunch at Rendezvous French Brassiere
4. £600 pounds worth of home decorations donated by Gisella Graham
(chosen by you from their showroom in London)
5. Cosmetic Hamper from Fenwick Tunbridge Wells
6. Indian Meal or Takeaway at The Spice Tunbridge Wells for 2
7. Family Ticket to Hever Castle and Grounds for a Year, yes a year!
8. Dolphin Parking sensor kit Brand New worth over £100.00, for all you rubbish parkers out there!

For a chance of winning one of these fab prizes donate my going to the Just Giving link on the right of this page

In other news…..
Feralyn survived half/term,
Elliot is going to South America in 2 weeks time for 5 months.
Ted the Cat is ill, and under a VET (new Mortgage applied for)
Imogen fell off a treadmill and in to a glass cabinet- Chelmsford A&E and emergency services are fantastic!
Felix is enjoying his new Yo yo
Ottilie is brushing her hair to within an inch of its life for stars on her star chart.
Our house is a lot tidier now the builders have gone, for now….
And Arsenal disappointed me yesterday!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Did It!

A little run this morning, really didnt want to go out, I was sittiing watching the news and the terrible earthquake in NZ. We have family in the North Island, Aukland, but im sure they have many many friends in the south!

Any how went running 1st light didnt want to go, didnt want to come back! one of those runs...cleared the mind....I have a bloody busy week, and Im feeling shit, that Feralyn is at home with the kids in what can only be described as 1/2 building site......#musttryharder

Monday, 21 February 2011

Spring is Coming!

Well to be honest with you I'm still finding it hard to run/train call it what you like….just so busy at the moment, what with the new job role, work being done at home, children ever busy with bits and bobs, party’s here there and everywhere! And that’s all before spending some quality time with Feralyn, we did manage to go out last week to an underground restaurant, (someone’s house who you then make a donation to)! Fab food, but I was driving!
So as far as the running is concerned I'm doing ok, haven’t been out as much as I would of liked in the week, with the Fartlek training sessions and hill runs, but as I live in quite a hilly area I'm not beating myself up so much about that!
I have still been keeping up with my long runs, at this point last year, I was preparing for the Tunbridge Wells half marathon, which is this coming Sunday and which I am doing again! That was my longest run to date.
I have already this year, knocked in 2 x 17-18milers in a not too shabby 2.35hrs, I have been doing one long route then adding a quick 3 miler at the end….and although I do feel a bit stiff, its not been too bad. Energy levels are good, and manage to do a recovery run the day after.
Its been lovely to see the spring coming along, Daffs are going to be out nxt week!
As I said next weekend is the Tunbridge wells half, last year I did this in 1.51hrs, so I am expecting at the very least 1.4something we shall see!
A friend of ours is running for the 1st time as well this year, and we are all meeting for lunch after…a running buffet!

Thank you for all the donations which have come in.
I have had another raffle prize kindly donated by Gisela Graham Ltd. is one of Europe’s leading design companies for seasonal decorations and gifts.
They have donated £600.00 pounds of goods which you may go to the showroom in London and choose away. Which is fantastic and Aladdin’s cave of decorations and gifts!
Thank you Michael!

So just to recap why am I running!
Pepenbury Community - residential and day care services for adults with learning disabilities. This includes a community of 70 people on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, in the unspoiled countryside of the Weald at Pembury as well as serving others in the West Kent area.

The actual project I will be supporting will be updating the coffee shop/seating area and garden centre/nursery area, so the residents who run and work there can better interact with the general public, and gain confidence with the outside world as such, then hopefully give them the interpersonal qualities needed to be self sufficient living in the community.
This week I have 3 or 4 runs various distances and finishing off with the Tunbridge wells half on Sunday!
Then the following week I am ramping it up to 20 odd miles!

Wish me Luck and thank you for your continued support

Friday, 11 February 2011

Must Get Motivated....

Lots going on at the moment, Hill runs, fast runs Long runs......2 runs down this week, a little warm up tomorrow morning then a 16-18 miler on Sunday!
wish me luck!
in other news...very busy at work, walls being knocked down at home, and living in Chaos!

I will Survive!

If you are kind enough to sponsor me and my charity- click link on left!

I have the following prizes which have been kindly donated;
There are also more to add.
I will draw the winners on April 17th in the evening, following the run…so please dig deep and be lucky!

1. Dinner At Thackerys Tunbridge Wells (Beautiful)
2. Overnight stay At Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells
3. Dinner at Rendezvous French Brassiere
4. Cosmetic Hamper from Fenwick Tunbridge Wells
5. Indian Meal or Takeaway at The Spice Tunbridge Wells for 2
6. Family Ticket to Hever Castle and Grounds for a Year
7. Dolphin Parking sensor kit Brand New worth over £100.00 donated by