Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What a difference a week makes

    I can’t believe that last Wednesday I thought that I was never going to run again before the London Marathon, now, I have just been told to take today off of training, and go for a gentle 5-6 miles tomorrow, but to listen to my body, and take it real easy… I'm thrilled and nervous, if all goes well, then I am going to attempt either 6/12/18 miles at the weekend. But I’ve not been slacking at all…..

    • Friday- x Trainer for 45 mins

    • Saturday – x trainer for 45 mins- 1 mile run and weights

    • Sunday – x trainer for 1 hr 1.5mile run

    • Monday – Outside 1.5 mile run

    • Tuesday – 1hr.15mins on the x trainer plus 2 mile run

    • Today off

    • Thursday 6 miles

    • Friday x train and gym

    • Saturday Off

    • Sunday 6 - 12 - 18 mile very slow run

    Will quite literally keep you posted……..

    Tuesday, 29 March 2011


    Sadly we had to have our lovely Ted put down at the weekend, he wasnt getting any better, but was a happy cat.....

    Monday, 28 March 2011

    Pesky Ankle.....

    Not long to go now, but I am being plagued by this acute tendonitis.

    Let me tell you… has been niggling me for a while now, and I have been giving it various amounts of rest between runs, not too much benefit though.

    Sitting on a train and after doing some internet research, I came up with the miraculous plan of an ankle strap. I had seen them on line and realised I was going past a Runners Need in the West End, or “Up West” as they say in East Enders, not that I watch it!

    In I go, guy very helpful, sells me strap, I'm very happy and feeling very optimistic….off I go in the evening, (last Wednesday) for a little 5 miler just to see, knowing I can double back if I need to. Well I limped home, after running the last 3 miles thinking, I’ve 2 choices here, defer my place till next year or don’t run until Marathon day….needless to say it really hurt!

    The next day it was still stiff and swollen, so I made my mind up to talk to a few runners, and via twitter found an injury Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, above a café and lifestyle place called Achieve More. I phoned, made an apt and went to see what I could see see see.

    Kirsty was great, cracking coffee as well! Do try if you’re in town. I have never had any type of massage or treatment like this before, so I wouldn’t say I was sceptical but what can she do that I could not! Going through all the gory detail, she told me the strap I brought was the worst thing I could have done, and that she felt that with a few treatments, and stretches, I should be ok to run. She rubbed, squeezed, pinched, slapped, poked and massaged my lower leg, ankle and foot and although I don’t think I will be breaking records this year, there is a real possibility of me running well again. Under 4 surely…please!

    My only problem now is training on a dodgy ankle, I have been feeling a bit nervous, as although I have been doing the weekly runs and fitness regime, not to speed mind you, I haven’t been able to do the “Long Runs” the endurance stuff, I have missed 4 now, and realistically I'm not going to get another one in…too close on a bad ankle.

    So my plan is to use a cross trainer as my main form of exercise and increase the runs very carefully. I have already done 3 big cross train sessions and have started to run again on the treadmill slowly to begin with, I'm up to a heady 1.5 miles at the mo…but the good news is that I have not felt anything from the tendon at all! Which compared to where I was last week, a ruddy miracle! So onward I go,

    Sponsorship is going well, lost count a bit but I'm nearly up to £700…so thank you to all who have supported me thus far, it’s a real joy when I get an email from Just giving saying someone has donated.

    In other news…

    • Elliot is having a fantastic time in Lima

    • Feralyn keeps walking around the house singing “Carmen” I reply “I Love You”

    • Imogen was in Carmen last week, and thoroughly enjoyed did I!

    • Felix helped me build a frame to keep the Deer out of my strawberries this year

    • Ottilie looks very French in her new fitted navy blue coat! “Says Ottilie in French accent”

    • Hopefully the new patio doors are going in this week?

    • I am busy……

    Thanks for reading; let’s see how I get on!


    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    4 weeks....

    I'm running again, albeit tentatively and when I can, I seem to have so much on at the moment; I really need to have a 36hr day.
    As far as training goes, I am regularly going out, I have had two weekends off long runs, (1 resting and 1 away on business) in the hope that my Achilles may settle down, which it has to some extent. However I am well aware it’s not right, so….one day I run early in the morning and the next day I run in the evening, to try and give it some rest.
    Now it doesn’t hurt yet, but it makes me nervous for 2 reasons:

    • I can’t run the London Marathon if it gets worse, which quite frankly makes me shudder.
    • Getting stuck out somewhere on a loop and have to walk home, all deflated and pathetic like.

    My game plan is to train as normal this week, gently, not too fast, and at the weekend attempt a 14 mile loop, followed by a 6 mile loop. if I feel I can finish it. There is also an option to come back after about 8 miles should I need too.
    It really annoys me, because I feel fighting fit elsewhere and its really nice to run at the moment…am I going on about this…..sorry!

    If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated….

    In Other News…

    • My dad has been given the all clear and has to go and see the doctor in 3 months!
    • Elliot seems to have settled in to life in Lima, Peru, met nice people, good accommodation and nice food!
    • Imogen is singing in the choir this week, with her school, they are performing Bizet’s Carmen
    • Felix and Ottilie went to the Natural History Museum on Monday to see the Dinosaurs.
    • Feralyn has a very important meeting today, which she painted her nails for!
    • Ted the Cat still poorly, but still eating and purring, am watching closely.
    • And I am organising kitchen fitters and builders…ha! As if they listen!

    Thanks for reading, I know some of you are, I’m aware it’s a flaff to leave a comment, but I know from verbal feedback, some of you find it vaguely amusing! Either that or your good!

    You know I am raising money for the charity Pepenbury in Tunbridge Wells; I have put a target in of £1000 which I will achieve, no doubt.
    But there are also lots of prizes for you to win, I'm not just taking the sponsorship, I'm giving back as well!
    All of these have been generously donated, and you can go to the relevant website by clicking the links on the right!

    1. Dinner At Thackerys Tunbridge Wells including wine (Beautiful)
    2. Overnight stay At Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells including breakfast.
    3. Dinner or lunch at Rendezvous French Brassiere.
    4. £600 pounds worth of home decorations donated by Gisella Graham
    (Chosen by you from their showroom in London)
    5. Cosmetic Hamper from Fenwick Tunbridge Wells
    6. Indian Meal or Takeaway at the Spice Tunbridge Wells for 2
    7. Family Ticket to Hever Castle and Grounds for a Year, yes a year!
    8. Dolphin parking sensor kit Brand New worth over £100.00, for all you rubbish parkers out there!

    Hope you are all well, and enjoying the weather!

    Speak soon


    Tuesday, 15 March 2011

    Back on track....

    I had a great run tonight! Feel brilliant for it, 5k up hill all the way! Wasn't the fastest, but not a niggle from my tendon! Tres happy!

    Monday, 14 March 2011

    Non Runner!

    This is my second marathon, and this weekend was the 1st weekend that I couldn't run.
    When running last Thursday, I felt a niggle on my Achilles tendon, well I think it was about that area, any how, I decided that the long run at the weekend shouldn't take place. Listen top your body I thought, I was due another 20 miler.
    With "Operation Run Abandoned" in place, I took the option to rest it completely, which added to my social life no end.......
    Movie premiere in Tunbridge Wells Friday night, followed by a full day with the Children on Saturday throw in a night with Dreadzone at the Forum, finished off with a leavers lunch at ours for Elliot!
    I am shattered!
    To cap it off I'm cooking for Ferlayn and 4 of her friends tonight!

    Did I mention I was up at 4 this morning for an airport run.......night nightzzzzzzzz

    A note to my sponsors, Normal service has been resumed, I will be running 1st thing in the morning!

    In other News.

    • Elliot (pictured) has become our South American Correspondent, and embarked on charitable work in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.
    • Ted the Cat is very poorly and it has become a metter of time..
    • Felix has discovered the joy of digging with me at the Allotment(How long will this last)?
    • Ottilie has discovered she is warmer if she sits on the deckchair in the shed at the Allotment.
    • Imogen is a peach and is getting very excited about Skiing, and her leg is much better.
    • Feralyn is busy planning what colour to paint the units of the kitchen.

    Thanks for reading, sorry for the grammer!

    Friday, 11 March 2011

    Weekend Long Run Abandoned

    This weekend I am supposed to be running 20+ I'm not, my achilies in my right leg is sore and feeling....well not right!

    so I have made the decision, no running today at all, to do gentle runs every day, till Thursday next week, but take every run as it comes...

    Then next week, Im off to Italy, so I hope to resume normal training a week Monday!
    This is my first setback in two Marathons, so I'm not too concerned at this point!

    Thursday, 10 March 2011

    On Target

    This week I am mostly feeling confident about London 2011.....I have a little niggle on my right Achilles Tendon, but apart from that, I'm feeling fit!
    Sponsorship has done well this week, and am also pleased with the comments coming back from my blog.. Nearly 500 hits...will I crack a 1000?
    Training wise this week I am on target, 4 runs during the week, a gym session, a long run at the weekend, no Alcohol, and a sensible diet.

    In other news...
    • Elliot has had a haircut and is T- 3 days till Peru.
    • Imogen's leg is a whole lot better, and back at Gym.
    • Feralyn went off to work with very pink lipstick.
    • Ted the Cat has a check up at the VET in the morning...not great :-(
    • Felix and Ottilie are going to school tomorrow in Pyjamas for Comic Relief.
    • I am decorating Felix's bedroom and he will be in by the weekend!
    • My dad goes back in to hospital today for his nodules....

    Monday, 7 March 2011

    Change of Plan

    Having my long run on a Sunday morning is wrong….it takes so much of the weekend, the planning, diet the low profile social life, I felt this week that I was going to try to do it on Saturday Morning, the only drawback is that I have to get back for 9.30am which means an extremely early start.

    Mentally Prepared....
    Alarm goes off at 5.30, drag myself downstairs for a cup of tea, Felix decides to join me which is nice, I have someone to talk to, we talk about what’s happening in the day, while I get ready. Party talk....

    I have a bit to carry today, so I opt for my bum bag…attractive eh! carbo gels x 4, gum, plasters, phone (I’ll come back to that) couple of drinks, 1 to stash and 1 to carry.
    Ready to go at 6.27am and off I go…..I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account, but it was a good LSR (long slow run).

    1 loop of 14 miles and another of 6 miles and then just bolted on a long cut home, so I am thinking it was about 21 miles in 3hrs 10.

    It’s really nice having the weather and light in the morning…Spring is definitely here, flora and fauna is bursting at the moment , crocus, snowdrops, Forsythia are blooming, even a few Daffs are out! And the buds on the shrubs and trees are getting fatter every week!
    Loads of wildlife out also, few late to bed foxes, young deer, birds, squirrels and rabbits that rustle in the bushes as you run past, always make me jump.
    It’s a nice time to be out…shame I got to run!

    Now whether it was the fact that at 9.30am on a Saturday morning I have finished my run for the weekend and I can relax a little….or the prep for the run (Have run 50 miles in 6 days) that I feel so good, I'm not sure, but it’s done for another week, and I'm feeling like I'm quite organised, injury free and another 3 runs at least of 20+ miles, last year I only did 1 20+ and felt I should have done more.
    Back to the phone, as I was taking my phone for safety (20 miles is a long way) I decided to have another go at the music thing, not that I would race with music, but training is ok for company, I opted for 3 albums, 2 x Beatles, White and a demo album and a Badly drawn boy (feed the fish).
    It worked really well, it was like having the radio on the background…much better than last week, the house music must of sent me in to a sickening trance!

    This week I have 4 runs midweek and another long run next weekend funnily enough! (Saturday though).

    Fundraising for Pepenbury is about on target , Nearly half way I have been extremely fortunate with the prizes that people have donated that you can win by simply following the link to my justgiving site on your right!
    Pepenbury Community - residential and day care services for adults with learning disabilities.
    This includes a community of 70 people on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, (Where I run) in the unspoiled countryside of the Weald at Pembury.
    The actual project I will be supporting will be updating the coffee shop/seating area and garden centre/nursery area, so the residents who run and work there can better interact with the general public, gain confidence with the outside world as such, then hopefully give them the interpersonal qualities needed to be self-sufficient living in the community.

    In other news:
    Imogen has had her stiches out, which is good!
    Elliot is on T- minus 7 days till his South America trip for 5 months
    Felix and Ottilie have been to 2 parties this weekend, and love balloons!
    Feralyn has had Saturday off…and believe me that is news! (Did work Sunday though) Boooo!
    I did lots of jobs done on the Allotment, with much help from little helpers.

    Thanks for reading…..

    Wednesday, 2 March 2011

    A Rendevous...

    Had a lovely meal last night at Le Rendezvous in Tunbridge Wells. it was our annual Residents assoc dinner, Tom Carmichael organised it, and he was on fine form, had me chuckling all night! he had this sound gadget which had about 15 sound effects on it, ranging from wolf whistle, tills ringing, breaking glass, farting etc, he kept it in his pocket and added sound effects to everyone conversations! Tres Funny!
    Staff there are fab and food brill, great wine too Tom (waiter) very knowledgeable, and Mark (Chef, Owner)came and said hi! starters ranged from a Chicken Liver Parfait- Battered squid with chili dressing and mango....Beautiful!
    This place has it all, Great food, freshly cooked, great staff who don't get moody if you only want to pop in for a cup of tea at lunch time, and the atmosphere is very relaxed, true brassiere style...highly recommend!
    good fun had by all.

    Rendezvous have generously donated a prize (dinner for 2 with a carafe of wine) to my sponsors that you could win should you click the link on the right (just giving) and sponsor me.
    Back to business, rested my ankle today and will be running tonight, and tomorrow, with a 20 miler planned for Saturday morning, with a bit of luck i will be off at about 6ish!

    In other news.

    • Got back to back meetings today

    • Felix got himself dressed this morning

    • Ottilie didn't want to get up

    • Imogens stitches have been scheduled to come out on Friday

    • Elliot has got the right hump over Manchester United Losing last night

    • Feralyn is in London today with a Fenwick

    • And I am going to start decorating Felix's room tonight.

    Thats it for now.......

    Tuesday, 1 March 2011

    That was hard...

    • 6 am this morning, dragged myself up, had a cup off tea, pulled my trainers on! brushed teeth and went for a run.
      My Achilles was sore, sounds so knowledgeable...that bit below the calf...feels like a tendon. So I just jogged, around the block, and past the allotment, a little 25 Min's, but mentally felt strong...I bloody did it! Its hard work getting up and going out 1st thing before getting the kids ready and getting to work!

      In other news,

      Residents dinner this evening.
      Imogen starts the Carmen rehearsals tonight
      Elliot starts malaria medicine
      Ted the cat has cancer and is on steroids
      Ottilie brushed her own hair this morning
      Feralyn has a big meeting at work
      oh and we are having french doors fitted....soonish