Thursday, 10 March 2011

On Target

This week I am mostly feeling confident about London 2011.....I have a little niggle on my right Achilles Tendon, but apart from that, I'm feeling fit!
Sponsorship has done well this week, and am also pleased with the comments coming back from my blog.. Nearly 500 hits...will I crack a 1000?
Training wise this week I am on target, 4 runs during the week, a gym session, a long run at the weekend, no Alcohol, and a sensible diet.

In other news...
  • Elliot has had a haircut and is T- 3 days till Peru.
  • Imogen's leg is a whole lot better, and back at Gym.
  • Feralyn went off to work with very pink lipstick.
  • Ted the Cat has a check up at the VET in the morning...not great :-(
  • Felix and Ottilie are going to school tomorrow in Pyjamas for Comic Relief.
  • I am decorating Felix's bedroom and he will be in by the weekend!
  • My dad goes back in to hospital today for his nodules....

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