Monday, 7 March 2011

Change of Plan

Having my long run on a Sunday morning is wrong….it takes so much of the weekend, the planning, diet the low profile social life, I felt this week that I was going to try to do it on Saturday Morning, the only drawback is that I have to get back for 9.30am which means an extremely early start.

Mentally Prepared....
Alarm goes off at 5.30, drag myself downstairs for a cup of tea, Felix decides to join me which is nice, I have someone to talk to, we talk about what’s happening in the day, while I get ready. Party talk....

I have a bit to carry today, so I opt for my bum bag…attractive eh! carbo gels x 4, gum, plasters, phone (I’ll come back to that) couple of drinks, 1 to stash and 1 to carry.
Ready to go at 6.27am and off I go…..I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account, but it was a good LSR (long slow run).

1 loop of 14 miles and another of 6 miles and then just bolted on a long cut home, so I am thinking it was about 21 miles in 3hrs 10.

It’s really nice having the weather and light in the morning…Spring is definitely here, flora and fauna is bursting at the moment , crocus, snowdrops, Forsythia are blooming, even a few Daffs are out! And the buds on the shrubs and trees are getting fatter every week!
Loads of wildlife out also, few late to bed foxes, young deer, birds, squirrels and rabbits that rustle in the bushes as you run past, always make me jump.
It’s a nice time to be out…shame I got to run!

Now whether it was the fact that at 9.30am on a Saturday morning I have finished my run for the weekend and I can relax a little….or the prep for the run (Have run 50 miles in 6 days) that I feel so good, I'm not sure, but it’s done for another week, and I'm feeling like I'm quite organised, injury free and another 3 runs at least of 20+ miles, last year I only did 1 20+ and felt I should have done more.
Back to the phone, as I was taking my phone for safety (20 miles is a long way) I decided to have another go at the music thing, not that I would race with music, but training is ok for company, I opted for 3 albums, 2 x Beatles, White and a demo album and a Badly drawn boy (feed the fish).
It worked really well, it was like having the radio on the background…much better than last week, the house music must of sent me in to a sickening trance!

This week I have 4 runs midweek and another long run next weekend funnily enough! (Saturday though).

Fundraising for Pepenbury is about on target , Nearly half way I have been extremely fortunate with the prizes that people have donated that you can win by simply following the link to my justgiving site on your right!
Pepenbury Community - residential and day care services for adults with learning disabilities.
This includes a community of 70 people on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, (Where I run) in the unspoiled countryside of the Weald at Pembury.
The actual project I will be supporting will be updating the coffee shop/seating area and garden centre/nursery area, so the residents who run and work there can better interact with the general public, gain confidence with the outside world as such, then hopefully give them the interpersonal qualities needed to be self-sufficient living in the community.

In other news:
Imogen has had her stiches out, which is good!
Elliot is on T- minus 7 days till his South America trip for 5 months
Felix and Ottilie have been to 2 parties this weekend, and love balloons!
Feralyn has had Saturday off…and believe me that is news! (Did work Sunday though) Boooo!
I did lots of jobs done on the Allotment, with much help from little helpers.

Thanks for reading…..

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