Monday, 28 March 2011

Pesky Ankle.....

Not long to go now, but I am being plagued by this acute tendonitis.

Let me tell you… has been niggling me for a while now, and I have been giving it various amounts of rest between runs, not too much benefit though.

Sitting on a train and after doing some internet research, I came up with the miraculous plan of an ankle strap. I had seen them on line and realised I was going past a Runners Need in the West End, or “Up West” as they say in East Enders, not that I watch it!

In I go, guy very helpful, sells me strap, I'm very happy and feeling very optimistic….off I go in the evening, (last Wednesday) for a little 5 miler just to see, knowing I can double back if I need to. Well I limped home, after running the last 3 miles thinking, I’ve 2 choices here, defer my place till next year or don’t run until Marathon day….needless to say it really hurt!

The next day it was still stiff and swollen, so I made my mind up to talk to a few runners, and via twitter found an injury Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, above a café and lifestyle place called Achieve More. I phoned, made an apt and went to see what I could see see see.

Kirsty was great, cracking coffee as well! Do try if you’re in town. I have never had any type of massage or treatment like this before, so I wouldn’t say I was sceptical but what can she do that I could not! Going through all the gory detail, she told me the strap I brought was the worst thing I could have done, and that she felt that with a few treatments, and stretches, I should be ok to run. She rubbed, squeezed, pinched, slapped, poked and massaged my lower leg, ankle and foot and although I don’t think I will be breaking records this year, there is a real possibility of me running well again. Under 4 surely…please!

My only problem now is training on a dodgy ankle, I have been feeling a bit nervous, as although I have been doing the weekly runs and fitness regime, not to speed mind you, I haven’t been able to do the “Long Runs” the endurance stuff, I have missed 4 now, and realistically I'm not going to get another one in…too close on a bad ankle.

So my plan is to use a cross trainer as my main form of exercise and increase the runs very carefully. I have already done 3 big cross train sessions and have started to run again on the treadmill slowly to begin with, I'm up to a heady 1.5 miles at the mo…but the good news is that I have not felt anything from the tendon at all! Which compared to where I was last week, a ruddy miracle! So onward I go,

Sponsorship is going well, lost count a bit but I'm nearly up to £700…so thank you to all who have supported me thus far, it’s a real joy when I get an email from Just giving saying someone has donated.

In other news…

• Elliot is having a fantastic time in Lima

• Feralyn keeps walking around the house singing “Carmen” I reply “I Love You”

• Imogen was in Carmen last week, and thoroughly enjoyed did I!

• Felix helped me build a frame to keep the Deer out of my strawberries this year

• Ottilie looks very French in her new fitted navy blue coat! “Says Ottilie in French accent”

• Hopefully the new patio doors are going in this week?

• I am busy……

Thanks for reading; let’s see how I get on!


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