Tuesday, 22 March 2011

4 weeks....

I'm running again, albeit tentatively and when I can, I seem to have so much on at the moment; I really need to have a 36hr day.
As far as training goes, I am regularly going out, I have had two weekends off long runs, (1 resting and 1 away on business) in the hope that my Achilles may settle down, which it has to some extent. However I am well aware it’s not right, so….one day I run early in the morning and the next day I run in the evening, to try and give it some rest.
Now it doesn’t hurt yet, but it makes me nervous for 2 reasons:

• I can’t run the London Marathon if it gets worse, which quite frankly makes me shudder.
• Getting stuck out somewhere on a loop and have to walk home, all deflated and pathetic like.

My game plan is to train as normal this week, gently, not too fast, and at the weekend attempt a 14 mile loop, followed by a 6 mile loop. if I feel I can finish it. There is also an option to come back after about 8 miles should I need too.
It really annoys me, because I feel fighting fit elsewhere and its really nice to run at the moment…am I going on about this…..sorry!

If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated….

In Other News…

• My dad has been given the all clear and has to go and see the doctor in 3 months!
• Elliot seems to have settled in to life in Lima, Peru, met nice people, good accommodation and nice food!
• Imogen is singing in the choir this week, with her school, they are performing Bizet’s Carmen
• Felix and Ottilie went to the Natural History Museum on Monday to see the Dinosaurs.
• Feralyn has a very important meeting today, which she painted her nails for!
• Ted the Cat still poorly, but still eating and purring, am watching closely.
• And I am organising kitchen fitters and builders…ha! As if they listen!

Thanks for reading, I know some of you are, I’m aware it’s a flaff to leave a comment, but I know from verbal feedback, some of you find it vaguely amusing! Either that or your good!

You know I am raising money for the charity Pepenbury in Tunbridge Wells; I have put a target in of £1000 which I will achieve, no doubt.
But there are also lots of prizes for you to win, I'm not just taking the sponsorship, I'm giving back as well!
All of these have been generously donated, and you can go to the relevant website by clicking the links on the right!

1. Dinner At Thackerys Tunbridge Wells including wine (Beautiful)
2. Overnight stay At Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells including breakfast.
3. Dinner or lunch at Rendezvous French Brassiere.
4. £600 pounds worth of home decorations donated by Gisella Graham
(Chosen by you from their showroom in London)
5. Cosmetic Hamper from Fenwick Tunbridge Wells
6. Indian Meal or Takeaway at the Spice Tunbridge Wells for 2
7. Family Ticket to Hever Castle and Grounds for a Year, yes a year!
8. Dolphin parking sensor kit Brand New worth over £100.00, for all you rubbish parkers out there!



Hope you are all well, and enjoying the weather!

Speak soon


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