Monday, 14 March 2011

Non Runner!

This is my second marathon, and this weekend was the 1st weekend that I couldn't run.
When running last Thursday, I felt a niggle on my Achilles tendon, well I think it was about that area, any how, I decided that the long run at the weekend shouldn't take place. Listen top your body I thought, I was due another 20 miler.
With "Operation Run Abandoned" in place, I took the option to rest it completely, which added to my social life no end.......
Movie premiere in Tunbridge Wells Friday night, followed by a full day with the Children on Saturday throw in a night with Dreadzone at the Forum, finished off with a leavers lunch at ours for Elliot!
I am shattered!
To cap it off I'm cooking for Ferlayn and 4 of her friends tonight!

Did I mention I was up at 4 this morning for an airport run.......night nightzzzzzzzz

A note to my sponsors, Normal service has been resumed, I will be running 1st thing in the morning!

In other News.

  • Elliot (pictured) has become our South American Correspondent, and embarked on charitable work in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.
  • Ted the Cat is very poorly and it has become a metter of time..
  • Felix has discovered the joy of digging with me at the Allotment(How long will this last)?
  • Ottilie has discovered she is warmer if she sits on the deckchair in the shed at the Allotment.
  • Imogen is a peach and is getting very excited about Skiing, and her leg is much better.
  • Feralyn is busy planning what colour to paint the units of the kitchen.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the grammer!

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