Tuesday, 1 March 2011

That was hard...

  • 6 am this morning, dragged myself up, had a cup off tea, pulled my trainers on! brushed teeth and went for a run.
    My Achilles was sore, sounds so knowledgeable...that bit below the calf...feels like a tendon. So I just jogged, around the block, and past the allotment, a little 25 Min's, but mentally felt strong...I bloody did it! Its hard work getting up and going out 1st thing before getting the kids ready and getting to work!

    In other news,

    Residents dinner this evening.
    Imogen starts the Carmen rehearsals tonight
    Elliot starts malaria medicine
    Ted the cat has cancer and is on steroids
    Ottilie brushed her own hair this morning
    Feralyn has a big meeting at work
    oh and we are having french doors fitted....soonish

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